Some philosophy from the president of Dakota Earth, Wind & Sun Inc.

To many people ecology is an emotional issue. Although emotion and passion often stir us on momentarily, it is reason and understanding that sustain us for the long term. The problem with only letting our emotions drive us, is they tend to blind us. We may go off in the wrong direction or wake up feeling regret.

The other problem of being over emotional is that it tends to close our ears or minds, which renders us unable to receive other peoples' ideas. It also tends to make us extreme and that is one thing this world doesn't need, more  extremists. Of course if you only apply reason and understanding to life with no emotion or passion, then you would be simply boring and few would listen to you anyway.

Balance is the key. Human priorities are cyclic by nature and the key is to keep our balance on the pendulum as it swings to and fro lest we be flung off. One way  to achieve this balance is by setting proper long term goals. Then although life's road may have its ups and downs and a few detours, if we keep an eye on our destination, we will get there. Individuals may run out of time in our mortal life before our final goal is reached, but if we pass on our ideas and achievements with love to our children, then they can continue the journey with an immortal spirit.

--John G. Murphy, 1993

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